vineri, 1 august 2008


De cate zile tot am eroare la ntdll.dll. Asa ca am cautat pe net despre el. Am gasit asta:

What is ntdll.dll?
The ntdll.dll file is a file created by Microsoft that has a description of "NT Layer DLL" and is the file that contains NT kernel functions.This file is located in the c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32 directory and can also be found in the c:\i386 directory.

Is this file a security threat?
This file has been flagged as a critical security risk in the Microsoft security bulletin MS03-07 dated March 17, 2003. If you have all the latest updates for your version of Windows you should not be affected by this security risk.

Is this file a spyware, trojan, or virus?
The ntdll.dll file included with Microsoft Windows is not spyware, a trojan, or a virus. However, like any file on your computer it can become corrupted by a virus or trojan. antivirus programs can detect and clean this file if it has become infected. Because this file is part of Windows users should never delete or remove this file if they think it is infected, let the antivirus program handle it.

Can I delete this file?
No, this is a file required by Windows and deleting the file will cause errors with Windows.

Probabil ca o sa mai umblu pe la antivirus si sper ca nu o sa mai am probleme. O sa revin cu un edit daca am rezolvat ceva.

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